If you're still using inkjet and laser printers for mailing and shipping labels, this article is for you. How many times have you needed to print shipping labels only to have to run to the printer to replace the label paper, or replace an ink or toner cartridge?

How many times have you ended up with prints on the wrong side or with the wrong orientation on your label sheets?

How many times have your envelopes gotten stuck in the feed mechanism in your printer?

There's a much better way - thermal printing!

Rather than relying on cartridges to spread ink or toner on label paper, thermal printers use special label paper that reacts with the heat that the thermal printer generates. The result is a long-lasting, high quality print with no need for ink or toner EVER!

Thermal printers are also faster, quieter, and most cost-effective.

You can purchase standard 4 x 6 shipping labels for most printers in rolls of 250 or 500 labels - always check with the printer manufacturer for the largest compatible roll size. Some printers even accommodate stacks of fanfold labels, which mean you only have to re-feed your labels every 2,000 prints.

Here at Stamps.com, we also offer our popular Original NetStamps product in thermal rolls, which allow you to print runs of stamps with ease.

One of the best advantages of being a Stamps.com customer is shopping our supplies store for items like thermal printers and labels. We only sell what works with our application so there is no guesswork involved to find compatible products.


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