Certified Mail Labels (SDC-3610)

Certified Mail Labels (SDC-3610)

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Take your Stamps.com account to the next level, and stop worrying about filling out your Certified Mail forms by hand. Print all the required information and barcodes on to these convenient Certified Mail Labels, print, stick and mail! Certified Mail done the easy way!

  • Use provided #10 Certified Mail Window Envelopes
  • Certified Mail tracking number is recorded by Stamps.com so you can view all tracking events including delivery

Platform Compatibility: Stamps.com Online and Stamps.com software

Template Number: SDC-3610

Sheet Size: 8 1/2" x 11"

Labels per Sheet: 4

Inkjet Printer Compatible: Yes

Laser Printer Compatible: Yes

Mac Compatible: Yes

Color: White/Green/Orange

When printing postage onto the Stamps.com 3610 Certified Mail Labels the following options will be available:

Certified Mail: Yes

Electronic Return Receipt: Yes (only available in version 10.0 or higher)

Physical Return Receipt Card: No

Restricted Delivery: Yes

Proof of Mail Receipt: No

Postage Receipt: No